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Artbonn: In preparation: Graham Nash - "Eye to Eye"

Peter Wierny, Bonn in April 2013

Graham Nash - "Eye to Eye"                   
Photographs by Graham Nash

Since the 60 years Graham Nash (born 1942) is known as a brilliant musician with "The Hollies", "Crosby Stills Nash & Young," and as a solo artist.

His passion for photography remained almost hidden and unknown although they already began his career as a musician in Europe.
Graham Nash began in the 50s with the pictures. In 2004, his book "Eye to Eye", are documented in the 50 years of his work appeared. Working from this book are at the center of the exhibition.
Even in the 60 years he collected photography and presented in the following decades one of the most important photo collections in the world.
Since the 80s he worked with Marc Holbert is a revolutionary digital printing technology. His developments in are asked in all important museums and photographers in the world.
Merit awards range from the British OBE to 2 times the honorary doctorate.
Graham Nash has been involved in the 70's against nuclear energy. In 1979, he organized with rock stars like B.Springsteen, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne and many others under the name of Musicians United for Safe Energy (MUSE) concert against nuclear technology (No Nukes). His commitment has not diminished and he still feels connected to the Nuclear Information and Resorce Service (NIRS). In 2011 he actively supported with David Crosby, the Occupy Wall Street movement.
We can look forward to an exciting exhibition that 4 topics from the work Graham Nash's imagine: family, colleagues, self-portraits and his musician friends (with David Crosby and Stephen Stills, he enters in Bonn on the artificial grass on June 24 in).
40 photo works are costly especially for this exhibition these days in Los Angeles by Nash Editions printed in Archival Digital Print method in format 28cm x 20.3 cm and then in a strictly limited edition signed by Graham Nash.
Rarely is the preparation of an exhibition went so smoothly and pleasantly on the "stage" like this. I owe the support of Cree & Buddah Miller and Chris Abbe of Nash Editions : Thank you!
And of course: Thank you, Graham! I'm looking forward to your visit in Bonn!
Graham Nash will visit his exhibition as part of a "Artist Reception". The appointment will be announced.